Product Basket


Financial well-being cannot be ensured unless we have financial protection from the many risks that we face. Adequate, timely and right protection may also help you that you fight back positively from any unfortunate event.

We at NJ Wealth Managers realise this and provide you with single-window access to protection from very wide range of risks. You can access a wide choice of insurance products from different insurance companies for every protection and thus avail the best suitable product available in the market for yourself.

Product Basket for Individuals / Families

  1. Life Insurance

    Life insurance ensures that your family will receive financial support in-case of your sudden death. Within life, you have options of Term Plans, ULIPs and Endowment plans where Whole-life Plans or Money-Back plans are on offer. The wide choice of products available can match your needs from pure risk cover at low cost to plans that are more suitable for long-term savings for life goals but also provide with risk cover.
  2. Health Insurance

    Health Insurance ensures coverage for the medical costs on hospitalization /treatment due to sickness or accident of the insured. Within Health Insurance, there are Mediclaim or Indemnity plans where claim is paid as per actual expenses or policy terms and Fixed Benefit Plans where benefit payout is fixed irrespective of actual expenses incurred. Health insurance cover can be taken for Individuals or as Family Floater that would cover multiple family members.
  3. Personal Accident Insurance

    Personal Accident ensures there is financial support in the event of the person sustaining bodily injuries resulting from an accident resulting into death or partial /full, temporary /permanent disablement. The Personal Accident Insurance costs less but can offer great relief after occurance of any unfortunate event.
  4. Motor Insurance

    Motor insurance ensures coverage for loss or damage to vehicle, third-party legal liability and also personal accident cover for owner/ driver and co-passengers. Motor insurance, mandated by law, is something that every vehicle owner has to avail. The plans in market differ for private & commercial vehicles and even in same category, they differ in terms of features.
  5. Home Insurance

    Home Insurance provides financial support against loss or damage to your home and its contents. A typical plan consists of two sections – one that covers the house (structure) itself and the other that covers the contents of your house like electronics, furniture & fixtures, valuabes, etc. With Home Insurance you can be free of anxieties as the cover offers protection against any accident, natural calamity, vandalism, theft and other such threats.

Product Basket for Businesses

  1. General Insurance Policies

    Different businesses have different insurance needs. The general insurance policies are normally customised based on the risk assessment and there are many types of policies on offer. Typically these can be grouped into Commercial Insurance, Industrial Insurance and Liability Insurance policies.
  2. Group Insurance Policies

    Employees are the greatest assets of any employer and employers can provide employee benefits that demonstrate concern for employees well being, while also meeting some statutory obligations. Companies have the choice to offer the basic Life Insurance and Health Insurance cover and even offer Retirement Plans. Within Retirement plans, there are Superannuation, Gratuity, Annuity and Leave Encashment plans available.