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Real Estate is one of the very profound investment option in our lives. Unfortunately, the industry is in evolution and clients have to extra-careful with thier investments. At NJ Wealth Managers, we bring real-estate as a very comfortable, convenient and trust-worthy investment option for our clients along with NJ Realty.

NJ Realty, a business division of NJ Group, is active in the real estate development space, offering integrated service model with end-to-end services to various stake-holders in realty program management & execution. NJ Realty associates with stakeholders and engages actively in projects of varying sizes, either residential or commercial in nature. Since its establishment in 2007, NJ Realty has successfully completed many projects in real estate ranging from plots, second /holiday homes, commercial projects and residential projects.

At NJ Wealth Managers, we are assured of NJ Realty's committment to execute projects in a fair, transparent, and compliant manner. NJ Realty projects incorporate elements of high quality, environment sustainaibility and optimum cost affortability in all its' projects. We at NJ Wealth Managers proudly offer exclusive access to NJ Realty projects to our clients.

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