Client Services

Wealth Management Solution

At NJ Wealth Managers, we understand the importance of growing assets and building wealth in life. With innumerable investment options available, we understand the importance to manage your wealth in an optimum manner. We also understand the importance of protecting your financial well-being as part wealth management.

Wealth management is at the heart of our offering to the clients and we have a strong proposition to help you achieve your wealth management objectives. Our rich experience, expertise in wealth management backed with the requisite technology tools and operational excellence, puts in a strong position to give rich, wholesome wealth management experience, the key features of which are highlighted below...

Dedicated Relationship Manager:
As our client, you will have a Dedicated Relationship Manager at your disposal. Your Relationship Manager will work in close coordination with you and will provide you with required inputs on planning for any of your wealth management objectives, including investment & portfolio management and risk management. On a periodic basis, he would also help you manage / rebalance your portfolio. Your Relationship Manager will be your point of contact for any support, resource or assitance needed related to your wealth management.

Rich Choice of Assets & Products:
With NJ Wealth Managers, you will have a rich choice of assets & products in investments, insurance and real estate. The choice of products would be more than sufficient for you to contruct a well-diversified portfolio that would meet your wealth creation, wealth protection or wealth management needs. We would help you make the most suited decisions and optimum choice given the range at our disposal.

Customer Care Desk
A customer care desk at NJ Wealth Managers is dedicated to the quick resolution of any queries /complaints that you may have. As part of the NJ Wealth Network, we can also assure you of having a very efficient, accurate and optimum service /operations platform that is managed internally at NJ.

Trust & Confidentiality
We at NJ Wealth Managers are committed to offer you with wealth management services in a most tranparent, unbiased and fair manner. We are also committed to build a long lasting relationship with you and hence our focus is on you and you first. We also assure you of necessary professionalism in our services and the confidentiality and security of you personal information. At NJ, we are using proprietory technology solutions developed internally by the NJ Group in our offerings /services and your information is not shared on any third party platform.